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when i was pregnant with my son (now 18 mos) i made a plaster cast of my pregnant belly and breasts. i always intended to paint it one day and hang it on the wall. trouble is, i'm not a painter. i finally decided after many months that if i don't get someone to paint it for me that it will continue to hang on the wall blank for a very long time. ;)
so.. does anyone want to paint on a bellycast?
i want it to be a scene with a mother lion and cub in Africa... ya know, with acacia trees and savannah with mountains in the background... possibly at sunrise...
i would absolutely allow and encourage you to take artistic liberty in the painting. i don't care if it is super realistic looking or totally abstract... as long as it done with care and feeling.
i would love to offer a decent sum of money in exchange for your work, but i'm pretty broke. i would like to arrange some kind of trade or barter, or exchange of services instead. i make jewelry, i do intuitive tarot reading, spiritual counseling, i babysit, i cook and bake, i sew, i alter clothes in weird hippie ways, i can give singing or guitar lessons.
comment here or email me- noaccident93 AT yahoo - if you are interested.
thank you~*
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