The Inmost Light (noaccident) wrote in mainecreeps,
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excuse the crossposting...

i moved to Maine a few months back. i live in Augusta, and haven't made any friends yet.....i just had a baby and don't get out much! i'm in an odd situation, because i'm not the "normal Mommy type"......most moms i'd be able to meet around here are all frumpy.....and i went to the Tool show pregnant! i'm a general freakazoid....anywhere from hippie to goth and everything in between all smushed together. but one thing is certain: i'm not a typical "Mainah" and people look at me funny around here. help!!!! can you save me from endless daze of the computer being my only friend??? at least tell me what keen stuff there is to do here, besides going to bars that is....thanks!
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