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Maine GBLT Youth Summit Needs YOU!!!!

The Maine Youth Summit

-June 25 and 26, 2005-
needs more workshop proposals!

The Youth Summit depends on interesting and innovative workshops that support positive health for
lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and allied youth 22 and under.

Without these workshops, the Youth Summit can’t happen this year. To ensure this event, please submit your workshop proposals today! The Youth Summit Planning Committee has extended the proposal deadline- Due Friday, April 8: Notification of interest in presenting a workshop. Due Friday, April 15: Completed workshop proposal form (I will email it to you if you reply to this email-- or Lyndon will do the same).

Workshops we're looking for!!

-       Ableism and Ability: Physical, Mental, etc.
-       Activism (The LGBTQQ Movement, Politics, Media, Telling Your Story)
-       Bisexuality and Bi-phobia
-       Body Image (Body Modification, Eating Disorders, Sizeism)
-       Coming Out
-       Feminism and Sexism
-       Homophobia, Heterosexism, and Internalized Heterosexism
-       Intersex Issues
-       Men’s Health
-       Mental/Emotional Health (Depression, Self-Injury, Mental Health System)
-       Race (LGBTQQA Youth of Color, Racism)
-       **Safer Sex (HIV, STDs, Testing, etc.)**
-       School (Gay/Straight Alliances, Surviving School, Safety Planning)
-       Socioeconomic Class (Classism, Homelessness)
-       Spirituality and Religion
-       Transgender (Trans 101, Drag, Transphobia, Trans Intimacy, Trans Health)
-       Women’s Health

After April 15, the Youth Summit Planning Committee will be deciding if there are enough workshops to have the Youth Summit this year. We need 12-- and right now we have just 3! We need you to make this happen! Please do your part to preserve the Youth Summit for you, your peers, and Maine’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and allied youth.

Don't be intimidated--Youth can do workshops, adults can do workshops, and youth and adult collaborations are great too! If you want to do a workshop but you want someone to help out, let Lyndon know and the planning committee will help you find another youth, or an adult, to co facilitate your workshop!

Contact: Lyndon at 207.828.6560 or

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